People Are Blaming Refugees For Brussels Attacks, This Is Why They’re Wrong


As always with terrorist attacks, people want somebody to blame – and, with the migrant crisis which has flooded the headlines of the recent past, many are blaming the refugees themselves.

This morning’s attacks at Zaventen airport and Maelbeek metro station claimed the lives of at least 31 people while injuring over a hundred.

According to The Independent, the Islamic State have since claimed responsibility for the attacks.

But this didn’t stop all around shitty human Katie Hopkins, who used today’s atrocities as inspiration to tweet:

Others claimed:

But this is why these people are wrong. Very wrong.

The very definition of a refugee is ‘a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.’


So these migrants are the very people who are desperately trying to flee such attacks as the ones we all read about this morning.

As this viral tweet so perfectly put it following the November attacks in Paris:

Though they are undeniably shocking, such attacks as the ones in Brussels and Paris, are merely day to day life in Syria and Iraq – and that’s why there is such a colossal and innumerable amount of refugees.

They simply want the freedom that we have on a daily basis.

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According to Amnesty International, there are over 50 million people worldwide who have recently been forced from their homes.

As reported by indy100LBC presenter James O’Brien perfectly summed up the above, saying:

The majority of people fleeing Syria and Iraq, in particular, are fleeing a world in which occurrences like the one in Brussels today are utterly, utterly normal.

They are fleeing a world where seeing people blown up in front of them is absolutely run of the mill.

So to use a terror attack upon Europe to somehow condemn people who flee terror attacks on a daily basis – you are effectively using a terror attack upon Europe to tell people they shouldn’t be fleeing daily terror attacks on their homes.

Seriously, if the 50 million refugees wanted to create chaos and terror to the western world, it probably would’ve happened by now. So stop using a tragedy like this as an excuse to justify your prejudice and start blaming the terrorists who are actually responsible.