People Are Claiming Thousands Of Free Tickets To Nigel Farage’s US Tour With No Plans To Attend

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People Are Claiming 1000’s Of Free Tickets To Nigel Farage’s US Tour With No Plans To AttendPA/FreedomWorks

Tickets seem to be going well for Nigel Farage’s upcoming US tour, but there’s a slight catch… most of the people snapping them up have absolutely no intention of attending.

The former Brexit Party leader has been trending on Twitter this morning after people began spreading the word about how easy it was to reserve free tickets to the ‘America’s Comeback Tour’.


Users in the UK have been trolling Farage by posting to reveal they’ve got their hands on a set of tickets, but have no plans to actually attend, with the hope being that he’ll end up walking out to half-empty rooms.

Tim Burgess, lead singer of The Charlatans, boosted the campaign by joking, ‘People are booking free tickets for Nigel Farage’s event and are planning not to show up. Please share the link to stop these irresponsible people spoiling a lovely evening.’

‘It seems I’ve managed to pick up a couple of free tickets to Nigel Farage’s speaking event in Pittsburgh this week. Shame I can’t go, I do hope he’ll manage to fill the empty seats,’ one user tweeted.


It’s a trick that hit the headlines last year after huge numbers of TikTokers and Kpop fans trolled Donald Trump by reserving tickets to one of his rallies. The result that time saw the then-President – who is famously pre-occupied with the size of his crowds – speaking to a mostly-empty arena, and Farage’s opponents are hoping they can pull the same thing off here.

As well as being very funny, the trolling campaign also has the added bonus of taking tickets away from far-right supporters who, bafflingly, might actually want to hear Farage speak.

One person pointed out, ‘Farage can’t complain about being cancelled if we make sure every place is fully booked.’


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Since the Brexit Party was wiped out in the 2019 General Election, Farage has increasingly been setting his sights on the US, and is often seen making appearances on Fox News or palling up with Trump and his allies.

In a video promoting his string of events, Farage said he was hoping to ‘inspire thousands of activists’ to oppose Democrats at the next elections, painting himself as some kind of pied piper for right-wing voters.

If tickets to Farage’s upcoming tour do sell out, not to worry. He’s also running a competition to win a pint with him and a free overnight stay in London, and it happens to be totally free to enter.


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@Tim_Burgess/ Twitter
  1. @Tim_Burgess/ Twitter

    People are booking free tickets for Nigel Farage’s event and are planning not to show up