People Are Dangling Their iPhones Over Large Drops In New ‘Craze’, Apparently


Mia M/YouTube
Cost of new iPhone? £699. The face of someone who loses one via this new ‘craze’? Priceless.

American indie band Twenty One Pilots started the new viral phenomenon where tech owners dangle their prized possessions precariously over drains, off buildings, down elevator shafts; you get the picture.

The concept is supposed to give the user an adrenaline rush at the prospect of never seeing their expensive piece of kit again, or not in working form at least.

Here are some of the finest examples so far.

Well I suppose football managers and global musicians have less to lose than the rest of us, but it has to be said, most of the best efforts are coming from the band themselves.

Sit back, relax, and await the inevitable fail videos to roll in over the coming month.