People Are Divided Over This Video Of A Mum Letting Her Kid Pole Dance


A mum has filmed herself teaching her child to pole dance and no-one really knows how to feel about it. 

The mum who can be seen dancing behind her toddler – who she sent up the pole – has attracted one-hell-of-a-lot of criticism for her video, after it was viewed 280,000 times.

At the start of the video, the tot looks vulnerable as she clings on at the top of the pole while her mum dances enthusiastically behind her.

What really got people going though was the way in which the child appeared to ‘twerk’ before descending down the pole, Elite Daily reports.


At the end of the footage, the mum can be seen clapping and cheering her daughter as if she’d just done something incredible, leaving internet-users in a state of total bewilderment.

Viewers seemed to be split between being outrage and horror at such a thing, while others remained positive about the whole bizarre footage, claiming it’s good for fitness.

However, one commenter seemed very firm in his beliefs, posting:

Newsflash folks, number one that’s a child. She doesn’t need any fitness classes.

Two, pole dancing workouts are a choice. There are plenty of other ways to get exercise. This is disgraceful.

And the fact they are recording and glamorising this shows the child this is a way she can get attention.

I’m sorry but if she wants to do that later in life when she is capable of making adult decisions, that’s one thing. But to inspire a toddler to do things like this is horrible.


Another agreed with this sentiment but took a much more diplomatic stance:

This is not cool at all. But what can they really investigate?

Yeah, I would say it’s indecent exposure but that doesn’t mean that the child is not fed, clothed and taken care of properly.

I don’t see neglect…? How do we know it’s her child? It could be her sister… They both look young…


Other people disagreed with the overall damning nature of the criticism and instead suggested, it was a ‘good workout’ and that the mother and child were having a ‘bonding experience…’.

While the internet is clearly divided on how to approach this ‘unusual’ piece of viral content and indeed parenting, a few questions spring to mind for you to ponder.

Is the mother ultimately wrong for encouraging this in the first place or is it just a bit of fun?

Here’s the full footage to help you decide:

My biggest concern is if that pole is safe though, because if that child is anything like me she’d be tumbling off there straight away.

There may not be a right or a wrong answer here.