People Are Flipping Out Over Footage Of Queen’s Guard Punching A Man



It seems to be around every corner of the internet today, but it’s no surprise, because the Queen’s Guard has been a pretty hot topic as of late.

The video in question is going massively viral at the minute, but not all is as it seems. In the footage, a man is seen mocking a Queen’s Guard soldier, before receiving a cool right hook to the face that knocks him out cold in front of hundreds of tourists in central London. Now, obviously, unless one of these fellas is having a really, REALLY bad day, this situation is highly unlikely.

The video is the controversial work of viral prank heavyweight, Troll Station, who have seen their original version of the prank rack up over 3 million views in the space of a few weeks on YouTube.

And hopefully, it’s the last in a series of recent viral smashes involving the Queen’s Guard and ultimately, the harassment of them – which in all seriousness, is not cool.

Let it rest now, I say.