People Are Kicking Off About This X-Rated Wedding Game Video


If you’re anything like me then chances are you find weddings boring as fuck. If only there was something that could brighten them up a bit.

Well, if ever there was a wedding party game destined to make things more exciting, then it’s this one – only, maybe it’s best not to play it in front of young children.

According to the Mirror, this clip was shot in Kazakhstan and features a woman with her hands tied behind her back eating a strategically placed banana from a man’s lap.


The clip has gotten its fair share of criticism online but it seems to be done in good humour, with all the guests roaring with laughter.

The clip was mauled by criticism because a girl, aged about three or four, can be seen playing with a balloon in the background.


A local activist posted the risque video to his Facebook page, asking the question ‘What do you think about the video? What would you do with them?’.

And the comments were pretty radical:

This is just awful and disgusting, our society is sick and to save ourselves from extinction we need to take some action. Sick people – sick games….



However, another said:

I am sick and tired of these so-called moral and self-righteous people. Do you understand what are you saying? This was just a game and that was it.

Personally, I don’t think the game’s too bad. It shouldn’t be played in front of children, of course, but I don’t think we need to stop it to save ourselves from extinction…