People Are Kicking Off After Someone Skinned And Cooked A Squirrel On TV



People are going nuts after a guy skinned and cooked a squirrel on telly.

George Monbiot wrote in The Guardian yesterday about how he had to eat a roadkill squirrel. So obviously, Newsnight invited him to recreate the meal on their show. Which he did.

It was definitely a weird segment for a current affairs programme, as people pointed out on Twitter.

I can see why people might think they were dreaming. It’s not every day you turn on a news show to see a journalist twatting a squirrel with an axe. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t impressive, though.

Some people accurately pointed out that it seemed like something that Brasseye would have featured.



But would people eat it themselves?

I think I could eat a squirrel. Maybe not one scraped off the road with a shovel that’s got tyre prints over it’s face, but I am very much a carnivore. I’ve eaten all sorts before now, so why not.

How about you?