People Are Losing Their Sh*t Over This ‘Dragon’ Sighting Video


It’s safe to say we’ve seen some pretty crazy shit over the last few weeks.

Dead mermaids, vagina-shaped crop circles, and even sea monsters lurking in English rivers- but this one just takes the biscuit.

Strange footage has emerged of a ‘real-life dragon’ flying through a mountain range in China.

Looking like something straight out of Game of Thrones, the beast was filmed flying near the Chinese border with Laos.


Leaning on the side cautious scepticism, some would say that it looks like it’s been created using computer graphics- but it seems a lot of YouTube commenters are adamant that it’s totally legit.

Some of those who’ve watched the bizarre footage seem certain that it’s a fire-breathing dragon, while others have speculated an equally unlikely scenario that it could be a Pterosaur, which has only been extinct for oh, only 66 million years.


Does this video finally prove once and for all that dragons aren’t just myth or legend? Well let’s put it this way, I wouldn’t be getting Khaleesi on the phone just yet…