People Are Now Visiting The Mysterious Metal Monolith In Utah

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 27 Nov 2020 09:59
People Are Now Visiting The Mysterious Metal Monolith In Utahchristopherwalkerphoto/runadventuresome/Instagram

People were warned not to go looking for the mysterious metal monolith in the Utah desert, so what did they do?

Well, they went looking for the metal monolith in the Utah desert, of course!


And, not only did they go looking for it, but many of them found it, too – the earliest visit taking place just 48 hours after the peculiar piece of art was discovered.

Officials announced the finding of the tall metal monolith deep in the Red Rock desert on Monday, November 23, however they declined to give away its location, over fears of people getting stuck while out searching for it.

But, as these things happen, internet sleuths were quickly on the hunt, using Google Earth to analyse the terrain, cross referenced from the videos taken at the site, in a bid to track down its location.


One of the first people to find the monolith was former US army infantry officer David Surber, who drove for six hours through the night to get to the Utah desert.

People Are Now Visiting The Mysterious Metal Monolith In UtahDavid Surber/Instagram

‘I decided to go there first because I was drawn to the fact that this object had been there for five years, hidden in nature,’ he told the BBC, explaining that he had seen a Reddit post claiming to know the exact location.

Said Reddit post was written by Tim Slane, who scanned the terrain of the desert of Google Earth, before finding the metal object on satellite imagery which was taken in October 2016.


‘I knew that once the location became public knowledge that people would visit the area. I have received some angry messages for my revealing of the location. If I had not found it, someone else would likely have found it soon enough,’ Slane said.

People Are Now Visiting The Mysterious Metal Monolith In Utahrunadventuresome/Instagram

And, he was right. Dozens of people have now visited the monolith, sharing photos of themselves posting next to the mystery object on social media.

However, while the location of the artwork has been worked out, how it got there still remains to be seen.


A number of theories have begun emerging as to how the silver block came to be in the Utah desert, with the main theory pointing to an artist, who passed away in 2011.

People Are Now Visiting The Mysterious Metal Monolith In Utahdreezy0311/Instagram

The monolith bears a lot of resemblance to work by John McCracken, who was known for his plank-like sculptures. However, research done by Mr Slane shows that the monolith can’t be seen on Google Earth imagery taken between 2013 and 2015, which suggests it won’t have been installed before McCracken passed away.

Meanwhile, others have suggested that we shouldn’t try and get to the bottom of the artwork, so we can all enjoy the mystery.


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