People Are Shocked At What McCaulay Caulkin Looks Like Now

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The Home Alone-watching world collectively gasped when Macaulay Culkin stepped out looking a little worse for wear back in 2013.

The relative recluse and former child star, who shot to fame as 8-year-old Kevin McCallister in the family festive classic, has been avoiding the spotlight and living in Paris eating pizza apathetically for some time now.

But he recently he’s been spotted looking a little more like a kid the preppy and uptight McCallister family would be proud to call son.

Caulkin popped out to buy some smokes looking fresh-faced, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Twitter took notice and has called for the now 36-year-old actor’s bounce back to get the recognition it deserves.

Commentators observed:

Some have said Macaulay has flourished into the man they always thought Kevin McCallister would grow up to be… If slightly less of a brat, hopefully.

You can certainly see a glimmer of youthful resilience and resourcefulness creep back into the actor’s eyes, and – while the appearance of celebrities isn’t really any of our business – it’s nice to see Caulkin looking healthy.

Macaulay is now set to star in his first major film in 10 years; his friend Seth Green’s Changeland.

Shooting has commenced in Thailand, and we cant wait to see where Macaulay takes Green’s comedy-drama directorial debut.

Welcome back!