People Are Trying To Get Michelle Obama To Run For President In 2020


A woman’s work is never done, according to the old adage. That’s certainly true of Michelle Obama right now.

As the current First Lady gets ready to pack up her life and her children and leave the White House come January 2017, the public have called for her to run for President in four years.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory today, mourners have omitted a desperate plea to Michelle to save America from what feels a little like impending doom.

donald trumpWikimedia

Michelle Obama has just finished fighting the exemplary but ultimately losing battle to keep a Democrat Commander in Chief in the White House, now that her husband’s eight-year term is coming to an end.

Certainly, Ms. Obama came out of the campaign trail on top, unscathed by the reputation-destroying digs and rising above the murky depths of the mud-slinging three-ring circus that is American politics in 2016.

Michelle delivered speech after speech affirming the importance of human decency and sound morals; traits we’d all like to see demonstrated by a future President.

Right now, Michelle looks like one of the few trust-worthy figures in American politics, and if the people get their way, the best Carpool Karaoke contestant in history could become the (new) first female President.

Feminist voters were understandably disappointed when Trump’s victory was announced. After Obama became the first black President eight years ago, his time in Office marked a huge symbolic stride for race relations in America.

Feminists were excited about the prospect of controversial candidate, Hillary Clinton, doing the same for gender equality. But such is the fickle nature of humanity, women have abandoned HMS Hillary and are now looking to Michelle to smash the White House’s glass ceiling, with #Michelle2020 trending on Twitter.

This pinball reaction just shows how the results this morning shook voters, who have evidently reached peak desperation. Meanwhile, Michelle has a few more months to help instigate change in the matters close to her heart; from her strong anti-bullying stance to her battle for global gender equality.

Melania Trump, you’ve got big shoes to fill. We’ll be watching for plagiarism, because there’s only one Michelle Obama.