People Are Tweeting Bible Passages As Written By Donald Trump


Donald Trump is currently the frontrunner for the Republican Party nomination for the U.S Presidency and, in a typical tactic to encourage voters, he’s been reminding people that his favourite book is The Bible.

There’s just one issue – he keeps refusing to elaborate on which bits of the holy book he finds especially compelling.

Instead, in a recent interview with Bloomberg TV, Trump claimed that he couldn’t choose between the Old and New Testaments because, “The whole Bible is just incredible”. Wow…

So, since Trump is apparently unwilling to share his religious views Twitter users have, naturally, decided to do it for him. Using the #TrumpBible hashtag, people have been tweeting out makeshift passages from the Bible, imagining what the text might look like according to the American business tycoon.

And, yes, the results have been even more hilarious than Trump’s hairpiece. From Trump’s supposed moral hypocrisy, to his arrogance, to his stance on immigration, these creative tweeters pretty much covered all the bases.

Check out the best below:

The Gospel according to Donald Trump is quite a scary prospect. Almost as terrifying as the thought of him actually running a country!