People Are Worried About Lil’ Kim After Her Latest Instagram Post


Lil’ Kim has made headlines multiple times in the last decade for her dramatic appearance changes, but her Instagram post on Sunday may have just made the most noise of the lot.

Posting to her 1.2 million followers, the former rapper put together a collage of six selfies in which she’s sporting blonde hair and looking no older than 21 – and if that didn’t hit the message home that she may be spending too much time and money on her ever-changing look, the post she shared of her and former late boyfriend The Notorious BIG puts it all into perspective.

Miami Heat!!! ???

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It’s hard to believe that this is the same Lil’ Kim who famously dated one of the all time great rappers back in the 1990s, when Hip-Hop music was in its prime and the Internet didn’t exist.

The 4ft 11in 41-year-old now spends her days hosting club nights in Miami alongside armies of exotic dancers, and despite not releasing an actual album for over ten years, she’s still dropping mixtapes – her latest being a 10-song effort entitled Lil Kim Season last month.

Oh, and she’s also pretty close friends with the Kardashian family, but we won’t elaborate on that.

Reaction to the photos on social media was mixed, but people mainly felt sorry for her, offering words of support and simultaneously proving that social media doesn’t always have to be a negative place…