People Are Worried Obama Might Refuse To Stop Being President


A worrying conspiracy theory is doing the rounds suggesting that Barack Obama may not have to step down as President…

So basically, a few people have got themselves all worked up over Executive Order 13603 which Obama signed back in March of 2012, reports HubPages.

Just in case EO 13603 is too boring to remember, it also goes by the title of National Defense Resources Preparedness Order, and it gives the President extra powers in the case of a national emergency.


Now normally a president can only serve two terms in office in order to limit their powers, but EO 13603 could (at a stretch, if you’re a conspiracy theorist) provide a loophole.

Under the order, Obama could potentially stay in office if an emergency occurs – for example a severe natural disaster, a Deep Impact style asteroid strike or a continent-wide food shortage – if he declares martial law.


Martial law hands political power over to the executive branch – in this case the President – and the military, but removes power from the other branches of government.

Basically Democracy is suspended and the decision making boils down to one guy.

So, people are now losing their collective shit because they have convinced themselves that Obama only signed EO 13603 so that he could keep himself in the White House.

(Un)fortunately the theory has some pretty major holes. As president you need a damn good reason to declare martial law – and no, that isn’t considered quite good enough.

Also, it assumes that Obama wants to stay in power which, when you see how knackered the guy looks after his eight-year stint, he probably doesn’t.

So it’s probably best for the old foil-hat brigade to cool their boots on this one.