People Fooled Into Believing Interview With Flight Attendant Who Taped Man To Seat Is Real

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 06 Aug 2021 14:16
People Fooled Into Believing Interview With Flight Attendant Who Taped Man To Seat Is RealThe Real Spark/YouTube

People have been completely fooled into believing that an interview with the ‘flight attendant’ who taped an unruly passenger to his seat is real. 

Comedian James Bates (@the_real_spark), aka the ‘flight attendant’, posted a video of him supposedly giving an interview about his role in Maxwell Berry being taped to his seat during a Frontier Airlines flight.


22-year-old Berry had to be duct-taped to his plane seat after he allegedly assaulted and groped staff members, and was arrested once he had arrived at Miami airport.

Bates took to Instagram to post a spoof video in which he pretended to be a flight attendant involved in the incident. But despite his comedic retelling of events, he still had people completely fooled.

The video begins with footage from the airplane incident, before Bates is introduced as ‘Alfredo Rivera’.


Bates is stood outside and begins by telling the camera, ‘Now, understand something. I’m a flight attendant, that means I attend the flights.’

The fake Frontier flight attendant goes on to say, ‘Sometimes our job has us attending to crazy people. If you push us too far, then you’re going to have to attend to this a** whipping.’

He then explains how on this particular flight, he was supposedly sat looking at Berry, who was ‘acting a d*mn fool’. According to the ‘flight attendant’, Berry was ‘spitting and cussing and going crazy’.

James Bates Instagram (@the_real_spark)

By this point, Bates said he had had enough, saying, ‘I got up and I walked over to him and, by the way, this man smelt like a pack of Marlborough cigarettes, a four shots of Everclear alcohol and regret.’

Bates continues with his supposed account of the flight, saying that he knew ‘something was about to go down’. Bates detailed how it was when Berry began to ‘touch all over his co-worker’s breasts’ before then moving onto him that he decided to act. Bates said, ‘That’s when he f*cked up yeah? Is when he touched my titties, ‘cos I don’t play that.’

Bates tells the reporter from Global Montreal how he then proceeded to take out the duct-tape, which scared Berry, who ‘started to stutter. He went, “Hhhhold up, wait a minute, something ain’t right”.

‘And I said, “Yeah we ’bout to mmmmm… mummify your a** now boy”.’


Bates then describes how he wrapped Berry up in duct-tape ‘better than any Christmas present you’ve ever seen’. He concludes, ‘He won’t be coming on any more Frontier flights at all.’

The video has amassed more than 87,269 views, 7,108 likes and more than 344 comments. One user said, ‘You’re the goat of television interviews.’

Another commented:


You need your own segment on Comedy Central. Thank you for the laughs. I appreciate you.

A third said, ‘It’s the sound effects for me.’

News reporters laughing at James Bates as 'flight attendant'Instagram (@the_real_spark)

Despite Bates’ comical staging and the Global Montreal news reporter’s fits of giggles after the supposed first-hand account, people have been completely fooled by Bates’ performance. Bates is clearly not only a comedian, but an actor in the making too, with many calling for him to have his own show as a result of the sketch.

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