People Furious Over Police Warning After Woman Was ‘Murdered’


Eurydice Dixon

Australian comedian Eurydice Dixon was allegedly raped and murdered as she walked home from a comedy gig in the early hours of Wednesday, June 13, in Melbourne, Australia.

The body of the 22-year-old was found on a football pitch by a passer-by shortly before 3am, reports BuzzFeed.

A 19-year-old man, identified in court as Jaymes Todd, has now been charged with her rape and murder.

Eurydice DixonEurydice Dixon/Facebook

Since the incident, police in Melbourne have been warning residents to ‘take responsibility for their safety’. However, the message has angered some people and caused a major backlash.

Australian news outlet The Age wrote:

BREAKING: Police are urging people to take responsibility for their safety when walking along in Carlton North, after a woman was found dead there overnight. “Make sure people know where you are and if you’ve got a mobile phone carry it.”

The message, though well-intentioned, has gone down poorly with others.

One person tweeted:

Been thinking about this headline all day. Anytime I am walking/in a cab alone, ESPECIALLY at night, all I literally think about is if I’m about to get hurt. We DO have our phones charged and ready. We DO have our fists clenched. We DO anticipate the worst and it is TIRING.

Another wrote:

When young men are tragically killed in one punch attacks an entire city has it’s nightlife shut down indefinitely. When a young woman is brutally raped and murdered women are told to ‘take responsibility for their own safety.’

While another thought the police were blaming the victims rather than the criminals:

Frankly I think Victoria Police should apologise for their victim-blaming and completely useless “advice” following the murder of Eurydice Dixon. Don’t tell us to be more careful. Tell men they will prosecuted to the full extent of the law if they choose to commit a crime!

As The Age reported, Dixon sent a message to a friend just a few hundred metres from home as she was walking back after the gig.

She wrote:

I’m almost home safe, HBU [how about you]

The Facebook message was sent just after midnight while she was walking through Princes Park in Carlton North, Melbourne. Her body was found a few hours later, at about 2.40am.

Following her death, police released CCTV images of a suspect. A man later handed himself in. Jaymes Todd was charged on Thursday with one count each of rape and murder, and is due to face court again on October 3.

Comedians and friends have taken to social media to send tributes to the young performer, while also sparking the debate about violence against women and victim-blaming.

Comedian Alex Lee wrote:

My first stand up set when I was the same age as Eurydice Dixon, was about being afraid walking home at night. Making jokes about it was a way to feel slightly empowered instead of small and frightened. Mourning for this young comedian who was entitled to feel safe.

Our thoughts are with Eurydice’s friends and family.