People Get Massive Shock When Huge Teddy Bear Arrives From Amazon


Still looking for that special present for someone that says ‘Hey we’re cool but you’re kind of weird’? Look no further than the end of your nose and jump on Amazon because they’ve got a gift to get you all the odd looks this Christmas.

Say hello to Joyfay’s disturbingly cute giant teddy bear – ‘Disturbingly cute’ thought that was just my Tinder profile…

Anyway, Twitter exploded as people discovered what this little bear’s je ne s’ais quoi is when Twitter user BeelzebubsBabygirl posted on Thursday with the caption ‘i can’t handle this’…

It’s got legs longer than my tab at the local Wetherspoons.

Let’s take a closer look at that leggy so and so:

Savannah / Amazon

Can we get an expert in, as I don’t think that’s anatomically correct, even for a teddy bear.

Anyway, BeelzebubsBabygirls’ thread lit right up, like a highly flammable teddy bear. Here are some of the best replies:

Unbelievably the Joyfay 78″ Giant Teddy Bear is currently out of stock, wonder how that could’ve happened, but keep your eyes peeled in case stocks replenish because this leggy chap is all out of people to buy him Christmas presents.

Otherwise, if you can’t get your hands on old creepy long legs, get me one of these:

Louis Theroux / Twitter

I’d be all over, or in, one of those.