People Have Been Booby Trapping Pro-Trump Signs With Hilarious Results

by : UNILAD on : 06 Sep 2016 11:29
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As we all know, the U.S. presidential election is leaving everyone feeling a little tense.


There are quite a few anti-Trump supporters out there who would like to see the Republican presidential nominee crash and burn before it’s too late, and they’re not being too quiet about it either.

One way of making their voices heard is by simply stealing pro-Trump signs off of Republican supporters’ lawns – simple, but efficient.

And one Indianapolis man isn’t happy about it.


Phillip is a staunch advocate of Trump, and he displays his support for the GOP candidate with signs in his yard.

Now, not everyone is a fan of the Donald, so on more than one occasion, Phillip has had his signs stolen.

Deciding he’d had enough, he booby trapped the sign to fishing wire and string, hid it in the grass and installed a hidden camera to see who was stealing his signs.

Sure enough, someone tried to nab his post and the security system worked – sending the woman flying to the ground.

I think the point Phillip was trying to make was that people are free to make their own political statements, but he doesn’t want them trying to silence his.

Fair enough, but I’ve got a funny feeling that won’t stop anti-Trumpers from feeling the way they do about the billionaire real estate mogul’s run at the presidency.

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