People Have Fallen For A Fake Website Reporting That El Chapo Has Escaped Again

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Social media is a wonderful tool for spreading the news, just don’t believe everything you read on there. 

When the news broke that infamous drug lord El Chapo had escaped from prison again, Twitter went into overdrive with reactions ranging from amusement to outrage that he’d somehow managed to pull off another disappearing act.

Fortunately, El Chapo hasn’t escaped and the story that he was on the lam once again was about as accurate as a drunken darts player after a particularly heavy night on the town.

elChap1ABC News

The rumour was started by a website who put an awful lot of effort into looking like the ABC News website and managed to convince an awful lot of people that Guzman had once again pulled a Houdini.

Naturally, we’ve done our civic responsibility and catalogued the internet’s naivety for all to enjoy…

Thankfully, there were a few voices of reason in the Twittersphere…

So, don’t worry, El Chapo is still in the clink. But, given his past, we really wouldn’t put it past him for this story to actually come true pretty soon!