People In Hawaii Have Been Told To ‘Prepare For Nuclear Attack’


Residents in Hawaii have been told to prepare for a nuclear attack as tensions continue to build with North Korea. 

State authorities have warned citizens of the chain of islands that they should have the same attitude towards preparing for a tsunami or hurricane as they should with a nuclear missile.

Gene Ward, State Representative, said that younger Hawaiians were more worried than anyone else as this kind of stark warning has never confronted them before in their life. He said it’s ‘probably more surreal to younger generations.’

The Honolulu Civil Beat newspaper managed to snag a copy of the document handed out at the closed-door meeting.


It includes chapters to the tune of ‘Enhance missile launch notification process between US Pacific Command and the State Warning Point’ and ‘Publish a new “Ballistic Missile Threat Annex” to the State Emergency Operations Plan (underway)’.

Hawaii will introduce a siren warning system in November.

President Donald Trump has recently engaged in rhetoric with the rogue nation and its leader Kim Jong-un, who he calls ‘Rocket Man.’


Foreign minister for North Korea, Ri Yong-ho, said at the UN in New York ‘the whole world should clearly remember it was the US who first declared war on our country.’

As it stands, Hawaii does not have any public fallout shelters.