People In Toronto Create Memorial For Dead Raccoon Left On The Street

by : UNILAD on : 10 Jul 2015 11:46

Residents of Toronto, Canada created a touching memorial for a dead raccoon left on the side of the street for a whole day.


The memorial grew to such an extent that #DeadRaccoonTO began trending on Twitter as people showed their love and support for honouring the deceased animal.

The bizarre scenario all began at 9am yesterday morning when a concerned by-passer tweeted Animal Services to come and pick up the dead raccoon.


However, the hours passed and nobody from the city came by to remove the animal. So, instead of being angry or disgusted, the citizens of Toronto decided to create a memorial for the unfortunate creature.

People left notes, candles and flowers next to the raccoon, as the likes of City Councillor Norm Kelly joined in the endeavour on social media.


The raccoon was even given a name by Twitter users – “Conrad”.

Eventually, once night fell, a City of Toronto worker finally came to pick up poor Conrad but in death this raccoon captured the hearts and minds of a city and the social media world.

Rest in peace, Conrad. Never forgotten.

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