People Love This Kid Who Reviews Chicken Shops


Like tea, crumpets and roast dinner, takeaway shops are a UK staple food.

Sometimes, there’s nothing worse than rocking up at your local takeaway with the perfect chicken burger in mind, only to be given what can only be described as shit on a bun.

One kid from London knows this – and he’s here to save you from ever visiting a sub par chicken shop again.

His name is Chicken Connoisseur, and he presents The Pengest Munch, a YouTube series dedicated to rating chicken shops. The latest episode, Chick King (Tottenham), has passed 100,000 views after being shared across social media.


The YouTube channel sees the Chicken Connoisseur (whose name we don’t know yet) review the great – and not so great – chicken shops of London. Despite his young age, he’s a straight up professional.

He’s also a comic genius – the description for his fifth episode reads:

This visit was tense; bare hype in the shop, but everything was dead as you can see. Chicken Valley? Not the one. I’ve called immigration to disrupt bossman’s business for the sheggry he bestowed upon me. #DontJudgeMe

Just when you thought that originality had all but gone from the youth of today, in steps in this guy.

The video-editing skills are also top notch – between the 3D graphics and text input, whoever’s producing these bad boys knows what they’re doing.

But above all that, the best thing about The Pengest Munch is actually how good it is. The Chicken Connoisseur’s is a fantastic reviewer – he analyses the chicken shop’s flavour, texture, produce, value for money and service.

Thank you Chicken Connoisseur, you win 2016.