People Really Aren’t Happy About The New Instagram Logo

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After five years which have seen the photo sharing social media platform go from strength to strength, Instagram has retired its iconic logo.

The decision seems to have been met with a less than positive reaction by the good folk of Twitter as many disgruntled Instagrammers took to their new favourite social media to slag off the new logo.


One person was particularly unhappy about how it messed up their home screen:  

Others thought they’d worked out where the inspiration came from:


While most just wished for a return to the trusty original:



However, it seems that people’s memories may be shorter than they think.

According to Mashable the old Instagram logo – the square instant camera with the tiny rainbow – was not the original. Plot twist.


Before the iconic logo we’ve come to love (and now yearn for) the app actually brandished a design that looked a lot more like a real camera, designed by CEO Kevin Systrom himself.


Back in 2011 he decided to change the logo because, in his words,  it ‘had nothing to do with Instagram’ and so commissioned designer and photographer Cole Rise, to come up with a new one.


Speaking about the latest logo Rise said:

I’m super psyched on the new one. I love the minimalism.

Regardless of the colours behind it, the white shape — the actual bones of the new symbol itself — is beautiful, and I think that can persist over time.

Rise puts the Twitter panic about the change, down to the standard resistance whenever a major product or service changes.


He said:

It’s kind of like the Uber redesign — people freaked out, and now it’s totally fine.

Change can be hard, and people will adjust to it, but I think people will love the new stuff once they get used to it.

I have to say, I think I agree with him – let the backlash commence…

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