This City Put Up Most 2016 Statue Ever And People Are P*ssed

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One of the most irritating things about living in the new millennium is the dawn of the selfie.

This particularly annoying trend sees millennials document their lives through a series of Narcissistic self-portraits, presumably because one day when they’re old and wrinkled they want to reminisce about the days when they could chew their own food.

This odd cultural phenomena has become so endemic that the town of Sugar Land in Texas has actually erected a statue of two girls snapping a pic of themselves in honour of selfies, Konbini reports.


The bronze statue went up last week and is supposed to represent modern life. Those behind the statue must be extremely pleased with themselves then because the statue has managed to generate as much hate as your average celeb selfie.

On social media, the townsfolk of Sugar Land are venting about the statue, labelling it a waste of money and a celebration of vanity. You know, the way the Internet reacts to everything.

Here’s a selection of the best…

Seriously, is our generation only going to be remembered as the inventors of a self-centred photograph technique?