People Reveal The Creepiest Urban Legends They’ve Heard On Reddit

harryfbUniversal Pictures

People love a good urban legend.

They make a great campfire story, and an even better Reddit thread.

So for everyone’s entertainment, a host of users have taken to Reddit to reveal some of the more creepy urban legends and folklore they’ve heard and experienced over the years – and they’re pretty creepy.

From island beasts to humans crawling on all fours, here are some of the craziest stories:

The story of the island beast:


The Whistler:


The legend of the Poinciana Woman:


The Mothman:


Never go to Montana:


This was actually backed up by another Reddit user who said:

My buddy sitting in the passenger seat jumped and screamed ‘What the fuck is that’ pointing next to our car. It was hard to see because there were tall weeds growing next to the road, but it looked like someone was crawling on all fours next to our car going 35-40mph. It was so fast it passed us.

Double the reason to never go to Montana.

The Bahama Midget Creature:


Basically, never go to any of these places. Creepy.