People Reveal The Most Unethical Things You Can Legally Buy Online

by : UNILAD on : 24 Dec 2015 11:02

As we all know, nowadays the internet can provide us with whatever we like – and it’s fair to say that some of the stuff you can get your hands on isn’t necessarily above board – see amazon selling illegal weapons.


The deepest hidden recesses of the dark web are home to some truly disturbing products and services that anyone with a functioning moral compass would want to stay well clear of. Reddit recently asked its users “What is the most unethical thing you can legally buy?” and some of the responses put forward by users are more than a little disturbing…


Reddito liztator has this one for us:

Positive pregnancy tests to collect abortion money. My neighbour sold positive tests during each of her pregnancies to women who lied about being pregnant in order to collect abortion money. Women would stop by her house, hand her twenty dollars and a fresh pregnancy test, and she, in turn, would give them a positive pregnancy test. These women then go to their lover or whoever, show them the test, and the men would hand the women cash to ‘take care of it’, as she put it. So for an investment of thirty to forty dollars, these women would gross about five hundred to a thousand dollars a test depending on how far along she claims to be.


While captcha_trampstamp had this one for us:

Worked at a Tractor Supply in a city that had a major dog fighting issue when I was in college. All the supplies were legal to buy, and unless you were following them or they outright told you what they were doing, there was nothing you could do but scowl and try to make them burst into flames with your mind. They used boat chain for putting around dog’s necks to make their chest and neck muscles get strong.

Super high protein dog food, veterinary syringes, scalpels, needles – as many as you want, whenever you want. Either they have a guy who knows how to patch dogs up, or they learn how to do it themselves. There’s no law that says you have to have a prescription to buy cattle antibiotics, and for these guys they work just the same at fighting infections.


Many people responded saying how easy it is to buy critically endangered species like Bluefin Tuna and Rosewood – if you know where to shop, whilst many people highlighted how Shark-fin soup can be purchased online even though it is illegal in many countries due to the immense cruelty sharks go through when they are caught, often having their fins removed whilst still alive before being thrown back into the sea to drown.

Although this is disputed by some users, according to other Redditors you can buy life insurance on someone else:

There was a guy who would pretty much hang out at motorcycle dealerships and propose to people to pay for upgrades or stuff like that if they let him get life insurance on them. Since enough people kill themselves on motorcycles, he became rich.


Bomb making equipment and chemicals such as White Phosphorus – used in incendiary weapons and smoke bombs can be legally purchased online as can all the ingredients to make crystal meth – although it is illegal to mix them together.

Believe me, that is not an exhaustive list – the thread is pretty interesting but remember guys, just because it is technically legal, doesn’t make it right.

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