People Reveal Their Brutally Disappointing Encounters With Celebrities

by : Tom Percival on : 23 Feb 2016 14:15

chuckle brotherschuckle brothers

Meeting a celebrity is always a bit of an odd experience, you feel you know them but they’ve not the foggiest who you are.


So imagine how much worse it would be to meet a celeb when they were feeling a bit down.

A few unlucky Redditors have been discussing their saddest first hand encounters with celebrities which range from downright depressing to brutally disappointing.

You can check out the whole thread here, but here’s a selection of the best:

The Chuckle Brothers have hit hard times…
We shouldn’t laugh…
We all have bad days…
In fairness I couldn’t write a book…
Life’s unfair….
Even celebs get knocked back…
 This is just disappointing…
Celebs have to obey the law…
Gone too soon…
This is why they say you should never meet your heroes!

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