People Spot ‘Secret Message’ On The Queen’s Outfit


Social media users went into meltdown today when Her Royal Highness made her Queen’s speech.

It wasn’t so much what she said that appeared to cause the frenzy, but oddly what she was wearing.

It’s left many believing, that the outfit in question, was to send secret signals out to the world about the EU – especially with Brexit talks ongoing.


The Queen, who was appearing at the House of Lords, was dressed in a royal blue hat and coat but it was the hat that got tongue’s wagging.

Users on social media sites were quick to point out its uncanny resemblance to the EU flag.

The hat, which included a number of small yellow flowers, looked similar to the stars that appear on the bright blue flag.

The Queen’s outfit was subjected to a lot of abuse on Twitter as she read out her speech, which included points about making Brexit ‘successful’.

Although the Queen is neutral when it comes to politics, since the referendum, it’s caused lots of discussion as to what she’d make of it all.

The traditional ceremony had a few changes from usual, with Her Royal Highness arriving by car rather than carriage and was without her state crown.

It was the first time in 43 years that the Queen appeared without her crown to deliver the Queen’s Speech with reasons believed to be time restrictions on rehearsals ahead of the event.

She also wore ‘day dress’ rather than robes of state.