People Spot Something Embarrassing In Trump’s Photo With The Queen

The Queen, Donald and Melania Trump, Windsor CastlePA

Just when you thought nothing else could possibly go wrong for Donald Trump’s UK visit, something like this happens.

There was already the giant baby blimp, hundreds of thousands of protestors, painful footage of Theresa May holding his hand, and then the awful moment he snubbed the Queen by leaving her behind when they walked.

After their walk past the trooping of colours, Queen Liz, Donald Trump, and Melania posed for a photo, but there was an embarrassing item left in the hallway.

Here’s the full photo:

I know what you’re thinking.

When I say embarrassing item, no I don’t mean there’s underwear left on the floor in the hallway, this is the Queen of England we’re talking about!

In royal terms, the dog bowl, which was left in the bottom right hand corner of the photo, is highly embarrassing, and Windsor Castle staff rushed to remove it when it was spotted.

Though it looks slightly out of place, I don’t think it detracts too much from the awkwardly straight-arms of the Trumps.

I’m sure this photo will go down in history.

The dog bowls are believed to be used by the Queen’s two ‘dorgis’ (dachshund-corgi crosses), Vulcan and Candy, reports the Mirror.

In a photo in the same spot today, (July 15), of the Queen meeting King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium, the dog bowl appeared to have disappeared. Royal staff don’t miss a trick.

One thing both supporters and denigrators of Trump can agree on is, he has a huge ego. One of the biggest egos, he might tell you.

You’d just imagine his ego wouldn’t stretch so far as to disrespect the Queen of England though. But that’s exactly what happened upon his meeting with probably the most respected woman on the planet.

The US President was quickly condemned on social media by the thousands watching his meeting with her HRH during a guard of honour of the Coldstream Guards.

Within just minutes, Trump was walking in front of the Queen – a huge no, no – leaving her to decide which side of him to go as she caught up with him.

The two Presidents were treated differently by the British monarch I think it’s fair to say.

With Trump, she got him in the palace, fed, and back out again within 45 minutes, whereas the Obamas were invited to stay the night at Buckingham Palace.

Of course the nature of their trips were different, with Trump’s being a working visit and Obama’s a state visit of the UK.

Trump loves his spontaneous tweets,  but is yet to release anything on his meeting with the Queen.

Melania on the other hand tweeted saying:

It was an honour to meet and have tea with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll. POTUS and I enjoyed the visit and her company very much!

I’m glad the most embarrassing thing from our side was leaving a dog bowl out!

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