People Spotted Something Super Creepy About Trump’s Bodyguard

by : Tom Percival on : 25 Jan 2017 12:00

Eagle-eyed politics fans spotted something very strange going on with one of President Trump’s bodyguards during his inauguration parade. 


They claim the grimacing guard was wearing a fake arm as he escorted the first family on a 2.5-mile walk down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House so he could hide an automatic machine gun.

The odd theory came about because of the guard’s odd pose and supposedly immovable arm which seemed stiff during the walk. It was speculated that his real arm was resting on the trigger of his weapon in case anyone attempted to attack the new first family.

As you can see it does seem pretty stiff…


One YouTube commentor said:

That is a prosthetic arm, tucked in his coat, that agent is carrying a long gun under his coat, and he is right handed.

He is holding his long gun, up close and under his right arm pit, prob a rifle SBR or sub machine gun.

YouTube was convinced....

Unfortunately, as is so often the case, you can’t trust unsolicited YouTube comments as facts or even as alternative facts, and it soon came to light that the fake arm conspiracy was bollocks.

While it’d be fun to live in a James Bond-style world where spies wear fake arms to protect the president video footage clearly shows the bodyguard’s hand moving at various points during the walk.

And in case you don’t believe us there’s actual video footage of him moving his hand, which kind of ruins his whole super secret spy thing.

Real life is boring isn’t it.

Tom Percival

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