People Think Obama Is Behind Trump’s Second Travel Ban Fail


If there’s one thing that Trump has done successfully during his opening vitriolic months as president it’s making headlines.

And although Obama has been out of the limelight since he swapped the Oval Office for coastal holidays – that isn’t to say that Obama isn’t making them too.

In case you missed it Obama took a break last week to Hawaii. The place he was born, grew up, and generally enjoyed his formative years, reports Mashable.


Now Hawaii contains over 10,000km of land, literally earning itself the nicknamed ‘The Big Island’, and is home to 1.4 million people – one of those people on the massive island happened to be the judge that blocked Trump’s travel ban.

So what you’re saying is – Obama was on the same island as the travel ban judge? Yep. Shocker. And, republicans genuinely believe that Obama was somewhat behind the ban.

To give slightly more weight to their argument Obama and the judge did both graduate Harvard in the same year, 1991, but c’mon – that’s not much to form a conspiracy off the back of.

Interestingly, Infowars of all places, found out that Obama had dined at a Thai just minutes away from one of Hawaii’s court houses.


So apparently Obama wasn’t desperate to gouge on beautiful Thai food, nor did his visit have anything to do with the restaurants 4.8 star rating? No.

Instead, some believe he ate there hoping to bump into his old classmate and to systematically ruin Trump.

People do love a conspiracy.