People Think Taylor Swift Just Massively Mugged Off Katy Perry

by : UNILAD on : 09 Jun 2017 17:57

Fans have called shade on Taylor Swift after she announced she was re-releasing her entire music catalogue on Spotify – which comes with some ‘suspicious’ timing.

That’s because her rumoured nemesis Katy Perry has released her fifth album ‘Witness’ today as well.


Katy and Taylor have allegedly been wrapped up in a feud for some years now, stemming from a disagreement over backup dancers.  According to the rumours, Katy accused Taylor of mistreating the dancers, who’d worked for both stars.

Yesterday, Taylor’s management announced on Twitter that she would be releasing her back catalogue to streaming services ‘at midnight’.

While some fans were excited to see Taylor’s music back on streaming sites, the move appeared to be considered ‘contrived’ by others because of  the high-profile release of Katy’s album which was announced nearly a year ago, according to Daily Mail.


Katy also ran a promotional collaboration with Spotify in February.

Taylor’s withdrawal from the Spotify came in 2014 when she refused to release her 2012 album Red on the streaming service, criticising the fact artists received just $0.006 and $0.0084 per song.


Taylor’s last album, titled ‘1989’ was released back in 2014. It included the song ‘Bad Blood’ which was rumoured to be all about her feud with Katy, although this has never been confirmed.

And on the flipside, Katy’s new album includes the song ‘Swish Swish’, which is understood to be a track against Taylor.

Why can’t everybody just get along?

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Daily Mail
  1. Daily Mail

    Petty and immature' Taylor Swift is SLAMMED for re-releasing music on streaming services at same time arch-enemy Katy Perry drops new album... as feud escalates amid 'character assassination' claims