People Think This Is Who Mugged Kim Kardashian


On Sunday, Kim Kardashian was held up at gunpoint in Paris by masked men and robbed of jewellery reportedly worth £9 million.

And while more details of the incident are emerging, the attention is now shifting to who did it.

And the Internet think they may have found the culprit.

Enter Joanne Prada:

Joanne is Internet-famous for being a ‘messy bitch who lives for drama’. And she also happens to be a scammer.

Luckily, Twitter is something of a breeding ground for detectives. And people are coming to the same conclusion:

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Coincidentally, Joanna the Scammer was also riding with Kim K’s frenemy Amber Rose a few days earlier.

She wrote on Twitter: “Just stole 200k in jewels with one of my Caucasian friends, we hid the jewels under her boobs. Now we’re on our way to KFC. Iconic.”

Unfortunately, most people are missing the point that Joanne is actually a comedian. And her name is Brandon Miller in real life.

Brandon’s character Joanne is wildly popular and often boasts about ‘scamming’ people and committing petty theft in her signature blonde wig.

She was even a guest at the MTV Video Music Awards, where Kim also walked the red carpet.

Simply iconic.

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So have we found the culprit? Decidedly not.

Keep looking, guys.