People Think This Photo Proves Tupac Had A Secret Daughter


A photo of Tupac with his mum has been circulating the Internet, and it’s raising questions about whether or not he had a secret love child.

While the majority of us know that the legendary hip-hop and rap artist died in 1996 and had no children, some people are claiming that this photo proves he actually did have a kid.

People think this is his daughter:


While the resemblance is pretty uncanny, lookalikes and people skilled in Photoshop aren’t exactly too scarce these days.

But apparently, the Internet is persistent with this theory, and they’ve insisted that another photo of Tupac, his mum and an unidentified child back up the claim.

The Internet also claims fellow rapper Busta Rhymes appeared to confirm the rumour in his album When Disaster Strikes.

His CD has a note that says: “To Tupac: soldier, warrior, may Allah bless your family, your daughter, her mother, your mother (Afeni Shakur). Rest in Peace.”

Many of Tupac’s fans have speculated that a number of people in the rap community are aware he had a daughter, but are keeping it quiet to protect her from being in the limelight.


Keep in mind, fans have also thought they’ve spotted Tupac in Cuba living with his aunt, as well as out and about and hanging out with Rihanna.

So just like that photo of ‘Michael Jackson’ in the back of his daughter’s selfie, chances are this is probably not real.