People Want Rick And Morty Cancelled After Old Dan Harmon ‘Baby Rape’ Video Resurfaces

by : Emily Brown on : 14 Aug 2020 09:26
People Want To Cancel Rick And Morty Creator Dan Harmon After Baby Doll Rape Video ResurfacesPA Images

Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon is facing backlash after an old video resurfaced showing him simulating the rape of a baby doll in a parody of the series Dexter

The disturbing content was created in 2009, but it resurfaced originally in 2018 as conservative and right-wing blogs began to share it online. It has since resurfaced again, with shocked members of the public calling for action to be taken against Harmon.


The video had been created as part of a monthly comedy sketch festival called Channel 101 and featured a skit from a 2009 Harmon pilot called Daryl, which was a spoof of Showtime’s serial killer drama Dexter.

Harmon issued an apology for the footage when it originally surfaced in 2018, explaining:

In 2009, I made a “pilot” which strove to parody the series Dexter and only succeeded in offending. I quickly realised the content was way too distasteful and took the video down immediately.

Nobody should ever have to see what you saw and for that, I sincerely apologise.


Though the Rick and Morty creator has previously taken responsibility for the creation of the video, social media users are once again calling for repercussions after the clip surfaced again this week.

The clip has been shared by a number of accounts that have focused on child trafficking and sexual abuse in recent weeks, and many users have circulated the clip with the hashtag ‘#savethechildren’.

According to Snopes, the hashtag has been associated with disinformation and misrepresented facts and events surrounding paedophilia rings, as well as potentially triggering images of children, alongside the more sincere meaning.


Twitter users are calling for both Harmon and his show Rick and Morty to be ‘cancelled’ as a result of the resurfaced footage, with one person writing: ‘If you watch Rick & Morty or support Dan Harmon in any other way, I f*cking hate you.’

Another commented:

Rick & Morty was great while it lasted but Ima have to cancel Dan Harmon for being a dummy


There has also been a show of support for Harmon, with fans arguing he has already apologised for the clip and pointing out that cancel culture isn’t a good way of dealing with issues that need to be addressed.

One Twitter user wrote:

Everyone is trying to cancel Rick and Morty because of Dan Harmon’s old ass video resurfacing again. Little do you all realize that we already dealt with this 2 years ago and it was solved. He apologized and knows what he did was distasteful.


A second tweeted:

Everyone tryna cancel rick and north cause dan Harmon made a shock value skit 11 years ago. Jokes on them, we been known about that. He deleted it and apologized for how distasteful and offensive it was. Some rando Facebook page reuploaded it now he’s being cancelled? Lol what

Adult Swim, which airs Rick and Morty, distanced themselves from the clip when it first resurfaced, saying it ‘does not reflect the type of content we seek out.’

The resurfacing of the footage in 2018 prompted Harmon to delete his Twitter account, presumably in an attempt to prevent people from sending him hateful messages.

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence regarding the welfare of a child, contact the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000, 8am–10pm Monday to Friday, 9am–6pm weekends. If you are a child seeking advice and support, call Childline for free on 0800 1111. 

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