People With Tattoos Have Aggression Issues, According To Research

by : UNILAD on : 17 Oct 2015 14:48
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Tattoos might be getting more and more common, but apparently, it’s hard to shake the stigma that those who allow their body to be covered in ink are angry troublemakers.


The latest research to try and claim that those with tats are more ‘aggressive’ than their counterparts who have elected to keep their skin ink free is currently doing the rounds.

The study was done by researchers at Anglia Ruskin University, who seem to think that those with tattoos are more prone to fits of rage, and possess a personality that is streaked with rebelliousness.

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They add that people who sport body ink will also display their aggression verbally, but said that there was “no significant difference” in the social and economic background of those who participated in the study.


That shouldn’t really come as a shock, given the sheer amount of people who now have tattoos, including politicians and professionals.

378 adults (181 women and 197 men) aged between 20 and 58 from London, 97 of whom had at least one tattoo, were all asked questions, and the results were based around their answers.

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According to one professor behind the study:

The act of tattooing is perceived as rebellious, or more generally tattoos themselves can signify defiance or dissent.

According to the study, that could well be why those with tattoos are seen as more aggressive than those without.

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    People With Tattoos Are More Aggressive Than Most, Research Suggests