People Would Rather Hang Out With Dogs Than Friends, Study Finds

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Rapper, and ardent American pit bull enthusiast, DMX famously said that he ‘trusts dogs more than he trusts humans’ on the intro of his 2003 album Grand Champ.

Turns out a lot of us have that in common with the Yonkers, New York rapper. While X’s methods for looking after his pooches are quite questionable (just read his autobiography E.A..R.L if you’re dying to find out) he isn’t wrong in the fact that most people put their canine friends over their human ones.

A study from Link AKC, who manufacture smart collars for dogs, proves that our canine besties are truly man’s best friends.


Link AKC’s study, which was conducted throughout America, spoke to 2000 owners throughout the country with over half of them admitting on cancelling plans with mates so they can hang out with their dog.

It is a testament to the loyal bond between an owner and their pet, 80 per cent of participants admitted it would be a deal breaker in a relationship if their significant other didn’t like their pet – with the pet being the priority.

So why are we willing to risk human companionship? Why do we put our pets before our fellow man? According to the study, 60 per cent of dog owners find their dog takes care of them – for each owner it’s a unique form of care. Results show that man’s best friend helps them get through stressful events every week.


A massive 82 per cent say their dog provides them mental and emotional relief, which they say has improved thanks to their presence. It’s has been said they make great therapists and 40 per cent of those in the study agree with this notion, some of the participants even revealed their dogs has helped them through some rough patches like the loss of a loved one.

20 per cent admitted their capable canine has helped them get through a serious breakup.

The study also proves their dog make ideal therapists as 81 per cent reveal that they talk to their dog like it was their best mate, while 73 per cent admit they tell secrets to their canine companion which they wouldn’t tell anyone else, which is a great release in itself, secrets tend to eat you up. Furthermore, owners are twice as likely to talk about their relationship problems to their dog.


Over half the people in the survey say coming home to their pet makes them feel happy, while 88 per cent believe their dog makes them a happy person.

They also keep us physically active too, 62 per cent of owners acknowledge their dog helps them get out of the house twice a day for a walk while 68 per cent say they’ve seen an improvement in their health thanks to walking their dog. It’s also scientifically proven that dog owners live longer.

Dogs also make feel their owners feel safe, with 90 per cent of people in the study admitting they feel much safer with them around. 78 per cent also reveal they base their life decisions on their dog – which makes sense, after all, they’re a big responsibility. Over half the people in the study admit they put off meeting up with mates to hang with their dog and at least 75 per cent admit they hate being away from their them.


So what is the best thing about owning a dog? Well according to over half of the people in the survey it’s the unconditional love that comes with owning a pooch – followed closely by a long-lasting friendship.

Man’s best friend indeed.