Personal Chef Reveals One Item The Royal Family Won’t Eat

by : UNILAD on : 28 Feb 2017 19:13

So we finally have proof that the royal family are vampires after their private chef revealed the only forbidden food was garlic.


Either that or they didn’t want the rich-smelling burps at all their public engagements.

Chef Carolyn Robb worked as a full-time cook at Kensington Palace, regularly feeding Prince Charles, Princess Diana, William and Harry between 1989 and 2000.


Speaking to Racked, Robb said:


The only thing that was forbidden was garlic. And the reason for that was that they obviously did a lot of public engagements and were in close proximity to people and never wanted to have garlic.

Robb, who is now a personal chef, has published a book called The Royal Touch which reveals what is was like to cook for royalty, and includes some of their favourite recipes.


It’s also nice to hear that Prince Charles was very economical and never let any food go to waste, packing it into tubs for later.

Contrary to what you may think about the lavish royal lifestyle, Robb also gave an insight into the everyday diets of the royals, saying they liked quite simple meals, sourced from their own estate.

Robb did not cook for Kate Middleton, but said she ‘does quite a lot of cooking at the moment’, saying ‘you have to remember that she’s not royal. She comes from a normal background and a normal home where she’s always cooked for herself’.


So their lives aren’t filled with caviar and oysters, and they liked home-produced food, but absolutely no garlic.


It’s one of the best flavours and I’m not sure how they lived without it…still convinced by the vampire theory to be honest.

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