Pervert Caught On Camera Rubbing Crotch Against Woman On Tube

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One video of a man pushing his crotch against a female commuter on the tube has provoked widespread disgust.

It shows a male pervert repeatedly rubbing his crotch against the defenceless woman, and took place in Shenzhen, China.

The footage has been seen over 14.6 million times in the last couple of days, and only looks set to be viewed more times as the worldwide media pick it up.

The woman actually moves away once she realises what the pervert is doing, and while that might deter most people, it only serves to encourage the unnamed male further.

After realising his victim is trying to edge away, the man moves closer to her, and once again tries to rub his crotch against her.

The disgusting act was initially reported by People’s Daily Online, with viewers claiming the man needs to be identified, and charges pressed under Chinese Civil Law.