Peter Andre Screams In Agony As He ‘Gives Birth’ On TV

by : UNILAD on : 28 Oct 2016 16:49

One brave man has finally experienced (sort of) what it’s like to go through childbirth – and it is of course Peter Andre.


Andre joined the panel of everyone’s least favourite TV coffee morning Loose Women, to test out a device that gives men the experience of childbirth, reports The Mirror. 

Needless to say, the experience looked about as far away from enjoyable as you can imagine as he attended the world’s only male birthing clinic in Amsterdam.

Complete with fake baby bump – designed to recreate the same size and weight baby that a woman of his size would have at nine-months – Andre struggled, moaning about how heavy it was.


He was then attached to a machine that fired electric pulses into his lower abdomen to recreate contractions.


The former pop star asked about his pain-killing options then screamed in pain as the machine kicked in, doubling over in agony.

And the stunt seems to have gone down well with viewers:



Andre said:

The pain is absolutely horrific. When we did it I kept saying ‘nobody is going to believe it’s this painful’.

Nothing in the world can prepare you for that. They say if a guy has had kidney stones he can relate to it, but I’ve had kidney stones and I’d rather have 20 kidney stones.


He did say he thinks it will have made him a better birthing partner, but was keen to stress that he never wants to go through the experience again.

I probably could’ve told him that beforehand…

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    Peter Andre screams in pain and can't stop swearing as he gives birth on Loose Women