Pewdiepie Slams His ‘Amateurish’ Younger Self


Pewdiepie. Youtuber, internet sensation, and very recently one of the most influential people in the world has some pretty harsh words for his younger self.

Before you go dizzy with thoughts of time travel, let me just clarify that I only mean Pewdiepie has been talking about how awful his videos used to be.

Anyway, in a new video that doesn’t smack of self indulgence in any way whatsoever, our intrepid YouTuber took to YouTube last weekend to talk about how awful and amateurish his early days actually were, in response to people who missed the “old Pewdiepie”.

He explained:

Obviously, I’ve undergone a massive change from my first video to my last. I am very happy where I am right now, but it still seems that many people are stuck in the old days.

Pewdiepie then invited viewers to cast a more critical eye over his old work. A bold move on the internet, where 90% of the residents are predisposed to hate anything you say or do in the first place.

The first thing Pewdiepie noted was that he never used to edit out dead or uninteresting footage, whereas these days he’ll record hours of material and hone it down to minutes of premium Youtube entertainment.

Pewdiepie also acknowledges that he used to make stupid gay jokes. To his credit, he says that he now knows this was offensive, cheap, and not at all funny. We all do stupid shit when we’re young, in his defence.

You can watch his self analysis below. Fair play to him really – not many people would go through their back catalogue and give it an honest and thorough slating.

All in all, Pewdiepie reflects that he’s grown a lot as a human being since 2011. Just like pretty much everyone in the world does in the space of five years.