‘Pharma Douche’ Martin Shkreli Plans To Resurrect Harambe, Internet Goes Mad

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Controversy Rages After Shooting Death Of Endangered Gorilla At Cincinnati ZooControversy Rages After Shooting Death Of Endangered Gorilla At Cincinnati ZooGetty

‘Most hated man in America’ and ‘pharma-douche’ Martin Shkreli is apparently planning to resurrect Harambe the gorilla.


If you don’t know who Shkreli is, he’s been called a lot of things – ‘scumbag’, ‘morally bankrupt sociopath’, and a ‘Wall Street villain’ – but the American entrepreneur and pharmaceutical executive is perhaps most well known for raising the price of a vital antiparasitic drug by 5,556 per cent, International Business Times reports.

In 2015, his company acquired the rights to the drug Daraprim, which is used to treat a rare parasitic infection.

Before the acquisition, the drug cost $13.50 per pill. When Shkreli took over, he announced that it would cost $750. Yup, $750.

Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli Returns To Court On New Conspiracy ChargePharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli Returns To Court On New Conspiracy ChargeGetty

Basically, he’s a class A douche. And his latest comments on Harambe have just fueled accusations that Shkreli is the most hated man in America.

Most recently, he’s gone on a fucking bizarre Twitter rant about resurrecting Harambe.

On Friday, he announced: “Harambe? I pulled the trigger. So what. Not a crime,” before claiming he plans to resurrect the gorilla.




On Saturday, he tweeted a screengrab of an email he sent to a senior author of a 2009 study which showed that live clones can be produced from the frozen cells of dead animals.

He continued to post more screengrabs of his emails to different scientists regarding Harambe’s ‘resurrection’ before shifting focus to bringing ‘a Shkreli brain in a Harambe body.’


He eventually changed his name on Twitter to Shkarambe with an edited picture of himself as the gorilla.


Harambe was fatally shot at the Cincinnati Zoo when a four-year-old fell into its enclosure.

The shooting sparked public outrage with several change.org petitions, and birthed the hashtag #JusticeForHarambe.

According to Shkreli, this death is a great one to make fun of.

But trying to make a joke out of an incident which caused global outrage hasn’t pleased the Internet:

Thought the whole ordeal already reached peak weirdness? Shkreli also announced he’d be running for president in 2020.



Let’s just hope that one is actually a massive joke.

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