Philip Schofield Given ‘Big Plate Of Cocaine’ At BRITs Party

Phillip Schofield/Snapchat

I’m pretty sure Phillip Schofield is the only thing keeping Snapchat afloat after their recent bewildering update.

The popular This Morning host attended the BRIT Awards last night, (February 21), and people flocked to his Snapchat story for his usual hilarious comedy narration.

Naturally, he and his partner-in-crime, Holly Willoughby, were drunk and she was seen combing his hair with a brush during ITV‘s coverage of the show.

Jack Whitehall presented the show with his usual posh awkwardness, ribbing Phil and Holly for being ‘already wasted’ before telling them to ‘behave’ themselves.

As the acceptance speeches become more slurred and less PC, it’s a given the entire audience are incredibly drunk.

In case you wondered exactly what goes on down there though, Phillip Schofield Snapchatted the whole thing.

Phillip Schofield/Snapchat

It was like a private VIP BRITs experience, minus the social anxiety!

Oh and the fact you got to stay in your pj’s in the comfort of your own home!

The funniest part of the story was when Phil took a photo of his dessert:

At first glance it looks overwhelmingly like a Scarface-esque pile of cocaine.

Then you see the lump of chocolate brownie dumped in it and you can see it’s a pudding again.

I still wonder what the pile of white powder is though. Icing sugar?

One person wrote on Twitter:

Philip Schofield’s Snapchat looks like a big plate of gear, I am howling.

The video of him watching the fireworks was a personal favourite. He looks like someone who’s been left on a remote island for years and has seen fireworks for the first time. Just great.

He also Snapchatted throughout Stormzy’s impressive on-stage shower performance.

Phil took quite a practical angle on Stormzy’s set, raising his concerns for the electronics:

Phillip Schofield/Snapchat

He wrote:

Someone PLEASE fix the hole in the bloody roof! Poor Stormzy.

All this electricity! It not safe.

Phillip Schofield/Snapchat

This isn’t the first time Phil and Holly have gotten smashed together. We all remember the time they stumbled onto the set of This Morning in their clothes from the night before after the National Television Awards.

Holly shared a photo online at around 4am, showing her and co-host Phillip drinking to celebrate their National Television Awards win.

Her caption read: “Thank you… and… good night @schofe. You are the bestest!”


Years before, the pair appeared in a similar state, with This Morning coming on air to a silent, empty studio – before Holly emerged from underneath a blanket on the floor.

At least they know how to have a good time!