Phillip Schofield’s Emotional Message Causes Thousands Of Viewers To Break Down In Tears


This Morning’s Phillip Schofield paid an incredibly powerful tribute to the victims of the London terror attack and moved the audience to tears. 

The presenter’s message was so emotional, it caused viewers to break down in remembrance for those who lost their lives in the hideous attack.

The daytime TV programme opened earlier today, with a feature on the terror attack which took place on Westminster Bridge and outside the Houses of Parliament.

Watch the video below:

He said:

We are not afraid.

It was a scene of tragedy, but among the harrowing images are heroes.

PC Keith Palmer, who lost his life while trying to protect our democracy.

The doctors and nurses who ran towards the carnage to help.

And the kindness of the passers by.

They are the Britain we love, the country we know – the spirit that one man tried to destroy.

Hundreds of viewers responded by taking to social media to share their responses to his touching words.

One wrote:

The speech just made by Phillip Schofield on @thismorning about the attack yesterday was so perfect it brought me to tears!


Another added:

Watching @thismorning with a brew and I’m nearly in tears. I just live with the fact that they will never destroy our spirit #WeAreNotAfraid.

Others praised his handling of the situation and how he’d managed to reassure them in a time of crisis.

One tweet read:

Holly and Phillip have completely put me at ease with the London attack. Great job.


The man who tried to save the life of Keith Palmer, the 48-year-old policeman who tragically died in the attack, also appeared on the show and explained how he administered CPR, along with MP Tobias Ellwood.

Philip’s co-presenter, Holly Willoughby, listened with tears in her eyes as the brave former policeman, now boxing coach, relayed how he’d endeavoured to save Keith’s life.

He said:

I’m not brave, I’m not a hero…
All of a sudden I saw a large chap brandishing two knives and started attacking a policeman… it was natural instinct that kicked in
Everything happened so quick, natural instinct was to get over there and give some assistance. I know the basics [of CPR] and can put someone at ease.
‘Initially when he fell to the ground, I put him in the recovery position, checked his pulse, he had a weak pulse, he had an initial head wound and another in his arm and another near his rib cage, that I believe was the fatal one. I put my raincoat underneath and tried to stem the blood as much as I could.

Here’s the emotional interview:

As well as this emotional encounter from the incredibly brave man, a former colleague of Keith’s, Nina Whitehead, told the presenters about how he’d once saved her life.

She said:

I was the passenger and he was one of the police officers who actually saved my life.
I owe him everything. He was a wonderful dad, and wonderful husband to his wife and everything.

The programme was shown in the aftermath of the horrendous terrorist attack which took place yesterday, which saw Khalid Masood claim the lives of three people in his rampage.

The death toll so far includes policeman Keith Palmer, Aysha Frade and Kurt Cochran, with 29 others who are thought to have been injured, some ‘catastrophically.’

A horrific attack to have taken place in the centre of the capital city.

Thoughts are with the families of the victims and all those affected by this dreadful act of terror.