Phone Shop Employee’s Ridiculous Attempt To Flirt Backfires Miserably


If you work in a customer service-based job, chances are every once in a while you might come by someone you fancy.

And depending on how much you value your job, you might even get a little cheeky and ask for their number hoping your boss won’t notice.

You don’t, however, breach every security rule in the book and trawl your company’s records for that person’s contact details.

Unfortunately, that’s what this guy did. And it backfired miserably.


Presumably, this Orange employee thought he was being romantic when, after serving her, he allegedly breached privacy rules to go through the phone company’s records and find her mobile phone number.

But the customer, named Laura Lolo on Twitter, was less than impressed when she starting recieving a series of flirtatious WhatsApp messages in the middle of the night.

Showing that romance is in fact not dead, he wrote to her: “That’s my pic I served you today at Orange mega[store] and was like if maybe I could get to know you sometime.”

Unsurprisingly, the woman on the receiving end of the text was not impressed. But apparently this guy doesn’t take no for an answer, and after she called him out for breaching her privacy, he defensively insisted he did not breach her privacy in a ‘bad way’.

So she did this:

Orange responded within a few hours, saying the incident was ‘highly regrettable’.

In a statement posted to Twitter, the firm wrote that they had been in touch with the store and the woman.

Next time you want to flirt, maybe don’t breach every privacy policy in the company rule book…