Photograph Of What David Walliams Looked Like When He Was 20 Goes Viral

by : UNILAD on : 17 May 2017 15:22

David Walliams has posted a photo online of him aged 20, with some ‘ill-advised’ sideburns – and his fans are loving it.


The comedian, author and Britain’s Got Talent presenter, uploaded the photo, which features his friend Edmund, on Instagram earlier today.

Some people thought the 45-year-old looked the same then as now, with one follower writing: “No offence mate but at 20 you still look 40 odd.” Burn!

But other comments weren’t quite as sassy, with margotescarhot saying: “You even make sideburns look good!”


karenbe12345 said :”Rocking the 90s. Great look you had then. Still do.”

x_shandy_x said: “Wow! You haven’t changed at all! (Well you have got better at everything-especially at annoying Simon).”

Then a smooth comment from zoeann25, who said: “You’ve always been a cutie!”

And bobby119jaz said: “Wow you don’t look like you changed much.”

In a previous throwback, David posted a photo of himself aged 28, rocking some make up…

Thankfully he ditched those sideburns!

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