Photographer Captures Women’s Orgasm Faces In Intimate Photo Series



Your cum face isn’t something you’d usually consider to be a thing of beauty, but one photographer has managed to make it just that.

Albert Pocej got behind the camera to capture what the moment of female orgasm really looks like in a number of lets say ‘interesting’ locations.

sandra-57d25111d0db6__880Albert Pocej
renata-57d2510e8e0cc__880Albert Pocej
simona-57d25114969b0__880Albert Pocej

Once he found 15 brave models to take part, he helped them relax by walking away from the camera and using lapse photography to take a picture every second, so he could eventually get the shots he needed.

Since posting the eye-popping images on a couple of days back, they’ve had 26,000 views. But Albert doesn’t want this series to be seen just as a bit of a gimmick.

neringa-57d2510b55c16__880Albert Pocej
muza-57d2510542265__880Albert Pocej
natalja-57d2510837490__880Albert Pocej

He added:

I didn’t want this project to be a cliché, I didn’t want any acting – just the real feeling as it is. Every human being is different, so are their orgasms. I wasn’t trying to make it any better as it is in life. I wanted to make those looking at these pictures to think. And clichés don’t make people think.

monika-57d2510270a2a__880Albert Pocej
laura-1-57d250f985b96__880Albert Pocej
laura-2-57d250fc9379b__880Albert Pocej

No-one knows what Albert has got in store next, but it’s safe to say that this will take some topping.