Photographer Shows What’s Hiding Behind ‘Perfect’ Instagram Pics


There are plenty of seemingly ‘perfect’ Instagram accounts out there, but are they all actually what they say they are?

Vietnamese photographer, Ho Anh Duc decided to ‘uncover the truth’ behind those immaculate, jealousy-inducing posts that seem to showcase people’s flawless lives, according to Brightside.

He decided to create his own set of faultless images, which looked for-all-the-world like he was living the dream, with on-point photo ops just springing up around him.


In reality though, things were very different as the photographer captured ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage, showing people’s enviable images could actually be complete set-ups.

The photographer’s hilarious series, portrays the hard-work and dedication that goes into creating the ‘perfect’ shot and smashes the illusion that people are just in-the-right-place at-the-right-time.

Instead, it seems that far from having an aspirational lifestyle, people have in fact just got creative with their photography skills…


This one is my personal favourite, as we’ve all seen people standing with their toes in golden sands, as we seethe in envy in our rainy old home-towns…

But perhaps, all is not as it seems and people are maybe just posing in building-works’ sand instead?

We can be hopeful…


There’s slushy photos aplenty, doing the rounds on the likes of Instagram and Facebook, depicting ‘perfect,’ loved-up couples in all their glorified happiness.

But is this really the case?

Again, perhaps not if this photographer’s investigations are anything to go by…


The moody shot is a classic one and always looks so artfully done.

How do people nail the ‘nonchalant’ look so well?

With the help of  friend at a street side cash point it seems…


The smug ‘look at me, I’m at the gym’ shot is a personal pet hate, but admittedly, the pictures do look kinda cool…

The reason for this though? A simple snap on your bog standard treadmill. Disappointing isn’t it.

Next time you scroll through you’re social media feed, think twice before you start comparing yourself as the ‘so-called-perfect’ pics, may not be quite what they’re cracked up to be…