Photographer Takes Clearest Ever Photo Of ‘Loch Ness Monster’

by : Tom Percival on : 16 Sep 2016 11:26
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A shocked photographer claims to have snapped the clearest photo of the Loch Ness monster yet and best of all it doesn’t look like complete bullshit. 


The photo appears to show three humps moving out of the cool waters of the Scottish lake and honestly looks like a long silver creature thrashing about – kind of like an eel.

The picture, which resembles mythical descriptions of the highland beast, was taken by photographer Ian Bremner, 58, who was shocked by his photo.


 Ian said:


I’m normally a bit of a sceptic when it comes to Nessie and I think it’s just something for the tourists but I’m starting to think there is something out there.

Ian was trying to take pictures of red deer around the waters of Loch Ness when he took the picture but it wasn’t until he got home that he noticed the what could be the monstrous creature.

This is the first time Ian’s ever seen Nessie but he thinks it’d be amazing if he was the one to discover her .

Unfortunately for Ian one of his friends pointed out that he most likely snapped three seals jumping through the water and not the legendary creature.


The legend of the Loch Ness monster stretches back as far as the Seventh Century when an Irish monk was reportedly attacked by the beast.

Since then there have been numerous photos and encounters with the highland’s most famous resident, Nessie.

Only a few months ago the alleged remains of Nessie were found by the loch on a beach but it later emerged they were a prop for an upcoming ITV show.

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