Photos Emerge Of Istanbul Airport Suicide Bombers


Photos have emerged of the three jihadi suicide bombers who detonated explosive devices in Istanbul Ataturk Airport, killing 42 people inside and injuring 240 more.

The Mirror reports that the men, who are believed to be from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, used AK-47s and glock pistols in their attack before detonating their suicide bomb vests.

ISIS are yet to claim credit for the attack although the Turkish prime minister had previously linked the attack to the group.

All three attackers are reported to have had Russian passports on them.

The man dressed in a red T-shirt, has been named as Osman Vadinov, a Russian national, while intelligence agents believe the three men trained with ISIS in Raqqa within the last year.

Many Killed In Suicide Bomb Attack On Ataturk International Airport In IstanbulGetty

The three are believed to have rented a first floor apartment just 12 miles from the airport. The estate agent who rented the property said the gang talked to each other in Russian.

Meanwhile, a fourth member of the gang is believed to be on the loose and police are hunting him.

The taxi driver who drove the trio to the airport has told police the men were ‘calm and measured,’ before adding he had no suspicions they were about to commit a horrific attack.

There are continued fears that a second attack may be imminent.